¿Qué es Marketing? Definición, cómo funciona y claves

We are very used to talking about marketing , but do you really know what it is? Marketing are all those strategies and options that help companies achieve their objectives, increase sales or improve brand perception. There is a point that I wanted to make, and that is that many people often confuse what marketing is with what advertising is, because it is true that they have very similar objectives, but so that you understand it very simply, in reality , advertising is a type action or strategy that can be encompassed within marketing. In other words, marketing is actually like an umbrella that encompasses all those actions that I have mentioned, which help to achieve the objectives and among those actions is advertising. For you to understand what marketing is, usually four words or terms are used to define everything that a good marketing strategy encompasses.

These terms are usually abbreviated in the four Ps of marketing. The first is the product or service.

It is the product or service that we have created to meet customer expectations. Normally, before it used to be talked about the attributes or characteristics of the product or service, but today we have to put the user at the center and always talk about their needs or motivations and solve those needs that they have. The second is the point of sale or distribution.

In the end, it is about the distribution strategy that makes it easier for the user to access our product-service. Of course, it does not matter if it is through online sales or our physical stores. The third P is the price, how not? It is very important to define very well what price we want to put that product or service within the marketing strategy. The final price will always depend on the objectives of the target company or even the profit of the profit margin that we want to obtain.

And the fourth P is promotion. This point is crucial within the marketing strategy, because it is when you start to make your product or service known to end users.

This is when advertising really becomes important, with all the actions that you will launch to publicize, because among the final target, that product or service that you have conceived. Of course, I recommend that we do not focus only on what are the benefits or attributions of the product or service, because today the user is very tired of this type of messages. It is important that we focus more on understanding the user, their needs or motivations and on talking to them about how we can solve their problems through our product or service.

Always giving him a point of value.

But what do you have to do now with your marketing? Well, very simple: you have to define the marketing plan, because without it you will not be able to carry out the objectives that you have set for your company or your brand. In another video we already detailed very in depth what the five points of a good marketing plan are, but I will summarize them for you. First is the analysis of the real situation.

The second point is the analysis of the competition. The third is the objectives. The fourth, the actions to the marketing strategies that we will carry out and the fifth is, when those marketing actions are already in place, to look at the metrics day by day and those that go wrong to optimize.

Of course, keep in mind that in the online environment it is very important day by day to look at these metrics. And so far this video.

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