⚡Como Ahorrar Datos Moviles en Tu Telefono en 1 Minuto Los Mejores Trucos !!!

hello hello friends this is android mania world if you are one of those who the mobile data plan does not reach much because today I bring you some essential steps to save your mobile data plan up to 50% so let's go with the intro and while watching the intro if you want to see me giving a good like and those who are not subscribed subscribe to see the new content of the channel well friends and we are here back and saving mobile data on our phone has become a challenge because every time they are leaving More and more applications we have more and more things installed on our phone that obviously because they are going to be consuming data so I bring you several methods that can be applied each of them saves data on certain things or they can be applied all depending on the rigor with which They want to save data so let's start and the first data saving method we are going to apply in chrome for this we open the browser we are going to go to the menu and in the menu it goes We are going to look for configuration this is the same in all phones and there we are going to look for the online mode we are going to make sure that this light mode is active when we activate it every time we load a page in our browser it will spend less data since images and everything the content will be lighter and our next method of saving data we are going to apply it in whatsapp for this we go to the menu we go to settings and here there are two methods the first is to make sure and here in storage and data in wifi downloads make sure that everything this is active with this we will only spend wifi data when we want to download videos or multimedia images the other is to activate this option which is to save data when we call by whatsapp because it will optimize the good calling code and this next data saving method we are going to apply to instagram so we open instagram we go to the menu in the menu we are going to look for configuration within configuration we are going to go to account in cu At this point we are going to go to use of cell phone data and there we are going to make sure that this data saving box is activated and also in multimedia files we are going to make a city that is only by wifi and with these two steps in instagram we will have a significant savings in our mobile data and this method to save data in dicto that is very similar to instagram we are going to go to the menu we are going to go to configuration here this way sorry saving data and there we are simply going to select the easy box and fast and this method in facebook is equal to instagram equal to tick tock we simply open the application we are going to go to the menu let's wait a moment it loads and there we are going to look for the data saving option it should be down here here it is use of data sorry we enter data use and there we simply check the data saving box and we will have our facebook optimized well and this is the step to save data on YouTube in fact there are several countries We are going to look here the first one this we are going to go to our account there in the nut we are going to go to configuration there we are going to look for reproduction here and there we are going to stop the automatic reproduction if we have it in this mode I already it had deactivated because we deactivated it simply with this we will ensure that the videos do not play every time we finish a video and we will optimize data in case we forget the other is to go to the configuration in mind we are going to look here for this limit the use of mobile data with this, because when we play videos with our data plan they will be played at a much lower resolution and it will be optimized but if we want to make it more extreme it is simply we open any video on YouTube and here we can manually configure the quality so that it always that quality is reproduced if we leave it at the lowest in 144 we are going to obtain a minimum resolution but we will save data significantly and well friends until now.

We have seen almost everything but I bring you the last method that is the most extreme and I bring it to you because it happened to me that I came home from work I did not have the Wi-Fi network active on my phone and my son picked up my phone and with 1 2 3 videos already I was consuming the entire data plan so this method is for those who want to apply extreme measures I also take the opportunity to leave you here a video that I had made some time ago to be able to expand the internal storage of the phone and be able to install many more applications good and This is the most extreme method that we find obviously this option is found in some phones it is not in all of my xiaomi phone and here we simply go to the configuration menu we look for applications where they are because all the installed applications I look for for example YouTube or the application that you want to restrict and there I am going to go to this option that says to restrict the use of mobile data there it simply tells us which sim card it is going for We enable them to navigate and with this every time I open YouTube if it is not active on the Wi-Fi, it simply will not reproduce anything at all, this is the extreme case that I was telling you, but if I activate the Wi-Fi I will immediately refresh here and You have to let it play without any inconvenience, well, it doesn't want to connect me to the Wi-Fi network, and I grab it, let's open it again and there it actually loads YouTube without any problem, how and finally this option that is if they find it on all the phones that They do not have a customization layer like the motorola like those that bring pure android and we are simply going to go to the configuration menu in applications in applications we look for the application that we want to restrict there for example today I opened YouTube and I will simply give it there in use of data and we are going to restrict the use of the application in the background with this we will also save significantly the data and well that's all for today remember that up here you can subscribe to the channel and remember that here in this part I leave you one of the recommended videos of the channel thank you very much for that support as always and see you until the next video bye bye i of this

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