There is a pekoludo on youtube that has been saying for three Fridays
that video cards are going down in price. I don't understand, because every time I go
to Galería Jardín and at the door of the stores, vendors are spreading butter on
the gaporon. And yes guys, even though they dropped a little in price,
for 95% of us the GeForce RTX 3000 is still unbuyable. With that in mind, the prime minister of the
low-requirement republic, better known as the pelvic-grass invader Edu Camps,
brings you 10 low-requirement games for you to enjoy on your current obsessive PC. In this video, the stick is in the 4 gigs
of ram and a 2 gigs GPU, a machine that in 2021 belongs to the range don't look at me, I'm
sorry. Fans of technology and lovers of
gaming, I am Edu Camps and these are 10 low- requirement games of various genres so
that no one cries for me in the comments, let's give it a go! We start the list as I like it, with
a very bad game.

And what more fails than a
family management and survival simulator in a nuclear apocalypse. All spiced up by a beautiful vibe as if it
were a cartoon from Cartoon Network, from the old wave the cow and the chick and Dexter
not the dick that's happening now. 60 Seconds Reatomized is a remaster
of the game of the same name released in 2015, sons of tepi opened the Paint to remaster
this. In this game where we will control four
members of a heteronormative and patriarchal family that has to survive a
nuclear holocaust. We start with a character and we have 60 seconds
to grab items and throw them into the shelter before the bomb drops. As in these survivals like gods will be
watching, the objective is usually to keep all the members of the family fed,
hydrated and, above all, sane, keeping each one's teka manias at bay.

This type of game is not for people who get
frustrated easily, because we are going to grab their hand as in the fifth, sixth game, in
addition to the fact that depending on the decisions we make, we are going to change the development of the game,
especially because the pekoludos [ __ ] dying when least one expects it. 60 Second is special for your PC either as a damier
with a six pack of beer on a Friday night, or also to spoil it
while you're throwing them up the toor the next morning. In the number position of this TOP
of low-requirement games we have a great [ __ ] game to play cooperatively, always
with friends who have a half-cock PC. This is Strange Brigade, a third-
person shooter with very good graphics and excellent gameplay where we control an
action hero from the 30's in an epic adventure that is very bad in Epigto. With a fairly arcade vibe, the idea is to
hold off waves of enemies as we go through the levels.

What's cool about Strange Brigade is
that it respects the 30's vibe quite a lot, with clothing and weapons according to the time,
with rifles and machine guns from that time, but it sends it to hell with the powers
and all the magical vibes and supernatural from enemies. The game starts slowly, with very petite enemies,
but later different classes with more endurance and abilities are added that make us
tighten the [ __ ] for the rest of the level. It is a great game recommended to play cooperatively
and with time, because you have to farm a lot of coins to be able to have weapons and large equipment,
not to mention the traps and bosses that are [ __ ] as [ __ ]. Also, if they are to open a book that is
not your cousin's from time to time they will understand the narrator's references, which breaks as much
or more balls than Biomutant's.

At number eight in this TOP
of low-resource PC games we have an indie released in March of this year that
caught my attention not only because of its shitty requirements but also because of its very ambitious proposal. It's Circuit Superstar, a racing game
with a top-down view in the best Micro Machines style or the mythical World Rally Championship where
the objective is, as always, to [ __ ] all the runners and rub their dicks in
their faces when they come out first.

What makes Circuit Superstar different is
the number of variables to take into account for a game from above, which tend to
be more arcades for the most part. In addition to the classic customization of the
car and the driver, we have several types of races such as Rally, GT, a kind of Formula
1, and even trucks, each with its own type of driving, speed and response on the track. The game has an option to enable
boxes, entering variables such as tire and fuel deterioration, engine wear,
etc., to make the races more technical and entertaining . Finally, what ends up selling me this
game is its control, unlike others where you go all the way on the straights and turn the corners throwing
[ __ ] and nothing happens, here the physics respond in a more realistic way and you have to handle
the brake just as well than the throttle.

Circuit Superstar was launched as an Early
Access, which means that like your cousin who never grew her boobs, the content
is kind of weak, it has few tracks yet, a collision system that sucks
and it basically lacks options like the to restart the race. Not to mention that the online is for the recajeta. The good thing is that being in development, it has a
lot of potential ahead, it has weekly events, patches and improvements very often and
in its Discord community that follows the game quite closely. So if you're looking for a lively racing game
that will last you a long time and that you can screw up to 60FPS on that RGB calculator,
Circuit Superstar is your best bet. In the seventh position we have another great game
from the [ __ ] mother special for all the graphic [ __ ] who only install games
with photorealistic graphics.

This is Ryse: Son of Rome, the game with the best
graphics that you will be able to vitiate on your PC with 4 gigs of RAM, if it asks for 4 gigs of ram
and a 1 GIGA GPU. This half quick time events title, half
Roman movie puts us in the shoes of a couple of generals in the constant fight
against the barbarians and other parrots. As good Romans, we are going to slash
at all of them while we take advantage of the 2-for- 1 fileto sauce to paint the
gladio and the shield red. The game was the launch title for the
Xbox One in 2013 and it was quite controversial because it seems that Microsoft paid Machinima
so that their reviewers did not give negative reviews, neither to the game nor to the console.

Despite that, in several media it was eaten
dubbed because it is criticized that the cut-scenes and animations break the rhythm of the game, which
is fine, they are death, dismemberment and a lot of gore, but they ruin the flow of the game. Don't be offended ma'am, but you don't even know
dad. It is as if in Mortal Kombat's X Blows
there is a dead time until they are executed, a poronga. Ryse Son of Rome will last about 5 hours and a half,
6 at the most, and both for its history, for its gore, and for the history lessons
that they will learn playing, it is obviously worth steaming it .

In the sixth position of the TOP of the Republic
of Low Requirements we have a very interesting indie that mixes several genres
with which many of us penetrate the humid and narrow world of gaming. This is Rogue Heroes, Ruins of Thasos, a
role-playing adventure with pixel art aesthetics and a top-down view where we control a hero
on his quest to free the Thasos of Chester and animaniacs from the four titans and their armies
of [ __ ]. At first glance, Rogue Heroes reminds us of
the first Zelda, with roguelite touches in its dungeons and team-based progress
, where each class will have its own type of attack and items that will strengthen it. In addition to passing procedurally generated levels and fortresses,
we will have to help with the reconstruction of a town
called Shelbyville, where all our primal dreams come true, with
missions where combat is not the only thing to do.

Where they are going to get the most out of Rogue
Heroes is clearly in its cooperative mopdo, because in addition to taking advantage of playing with
several classes at the same time, the wave becomes much more fun because
the number of enemies multiplies and the knot shrinks. of the balloon to make them more difficult to
[ __ ]. If you're into getting together with friends on these
straw nights without bowling and you want cool games to play , whether local or online, Rogue Heroes is
going to be a hit. We are halfway through this top of
low-requirement games and since I always get pissed off in the comments that I never put
RTS or City Builders in these tops, here I bring you a fairly new one. Distant Kingdoms is a
Kasedo Parrots City Builder set in a medieval fantasy world . With a very slow gameplay, we are going to start
with a city with the same crazy vibe as Carlos Casarles and the idea is to turn it into
the mecca of smoked sausage like Tandil. For that we are going to have to create structures
and develop technologies so that more parrots come to live in the city.

The issue is that with the new inhabitants
also come the classic dick breaks that every K pointer has had to deal with, such
as hunger, housing, work and those classic campaign promises. Although Distant Kingdoms is in early access, it
has a pretty aggressive roadmap with a lot of content and updates every two weeks
, which bodes well for all the impotent lazy dick who like
this type of shitty game.

If you have a lame PC and are tired of
being kuleed by radioactive animals in Rimworld, give Distant Kingdoms a try. In the first bonus track of this TOP we have
a platformer who seeks to be different from all the others. Although from the images it might seem
that he is the prince of Persia but in a Viking version, Unto the End goes the other way. This is the adventure of Olaf, a Viking name
that means the one without eggs, who tries to return home to eat
the lady's curly pearl, but along the way he will find more laps
than the ones he puts on you. your girlfriend to give you the caquero.

The [ __ ] thing about Unto the End is that the
game itself allows us to choose how to face that path, whether fighting, exchanging something
in return or directly fleeing, we can spend the entire game without fighting, squeezing the [ __ ]
and looking everywhere like a typical walk by Varela. The main story lasts 3 hours and really
except to see the reactions of the enemies to our actions there is not much replayability. If the more leisurely platformers fit in,
to think and solve puzzles, without much combat, in the best style of the first Prince
of Persia, Unto the End is a caress on his worn-out ass. A male FPS single player with hair on his chest could not be missing from a TOP of low-requirement games
. This is Wolfenstein New Order, the great game
that saved the franchise after Wolfenstein's irrelevant 2009 thug and whose
efforts were totally wasted after Youngblood's insufferable
poronga with the Jew's Daughters. New Order places us in a dystopia where
the Nazis won World War II and continued their experiments to
create the ultimate cousin.

Our hero B.J. enters that universe,
not to be confused with the exquisite porn category, where along with the resistance he is going to go out
to kill some ultra-futuristic Nazis, giant robots and other [ __ ] from a beautiful
trip with Pepa with the History Channel in the background. What makes New Order a great game is that in
addition to well-polished combat mechanics , the story and narrative are
very well organized, causing us to stay until the end to see how
this whole story ends. The best thing of all is that being a game from
2014, on the struggling PC you have on the right it will work perfectly and
you will surely enjoy it much more, if you get it with a 100% discount
on Steam Green.

If someone was thinking of entering the
Yakuza saga but had no idea where to start from, maybe the zero next to the name
would give a center to that brainiac so worn out by raw porn. This is Yakuza Cero, a title originally released
for the Playstation 3 in 2015 but that was released on PC in 2018 and was responsible
for giving the franchise a new look, to the point that SEGA saw a nice market in relaunching
the previous titles in Remake format or in a combo like the Remastered Collection
that re-adds the content censored for the West. Yakuza Zero is a kind of prequel that
introduces the main character Kazuma, seventeen years before the first game but that again
puts him to open the knot of the balloon to other mafia clans. The saga itself is mechanically the [ __ ]
[ __ ] in all the deliveries, a semi-open bar open world where we can
play nonsense in mini-game format and [ __ ] with punches with other mobsters, all while
doing missions like going to buy a thong from an [ __ ], take
something stupid to some Japochino or listen to a random NPC about the shitty life he had and that from
now on he's going to be a good guy.

What the saga has that many are not going
to like is the amount of cinematics and dialogues, to the point that it makes you want to break
everything to hell due to the amount of fart talk and the little synthesis capacity
that the Japanese have to imply any nonsense. If the game lasts about 30 hours, 15 or 16
are cutscenes and dialogues, post. In spite of that guys, the game and the saga are
very very good, the best thing is to vitiate it with chapters among other games, because as
it happens to your cousin, they can dislike it if they eat it all at once. In second place in this top
low-requirement game we have a title that I told you about some time ago in the
June releases but now I started playing it and it's so good but so good that if I don't
recommend it it would be a tech spec reader. This is Ender Lilies Quietus of The Knights,
a metroidvania that although from the images it seems very close to Hollow Knight, the post
is that when they start to vitiate it, it is much more reminiscent of Salt and Sanctuary, a metroidvania
but with touches of dark souls like the blows with stamina and the dick of dying in one
blow and losing everything like a [ __ ].

Ender Lilies is the debut game of the
Japanese studio Live Wire and the hell they put it all in and emptied it inside because both
in the visual section and in the mechanics Ender Lilies goes to [ __ ]. Although it can be criticized that it starts slow
like pete de virga, as we unlock more summons and abilities the subject
gets much more spicy. The same in combat, at first the
boluda eats it with anything and you have to dodge more than it sticks, but
then Hollow Knight fights the point. No lie, Hollow Knight takes it from standing,
but it does not detract from this totally recommendable work of art . In the last bonus track of this TOP 10
low-requirement games we have another racing game with a top-down view, but totally
different from number eight. This is Art of Rally, a game created by
the parrot from Absolute Drift, a game that they gave away for free on the Epic Games Store a while ago,
so maybe I hope this one will also be given away at some point.

For everything else, there is Steam Verde. Art of Rally places us in the golden age
of the rally where we are going to have to compete to make the best possible time on a
random track somewhere in the world. Using different historical cars, the
idea is to grab the hand of the type of driving more of the simulation stick than the arcade, sending
two fingers to the ball of variables that will change the type of driving: for example, the transmission,
brakes or steering wheel sensitivity. Posta guys that although the images
may seem like a dick, the type of driving sensation added to a low poly indie aesthetic
and especially not having competitors in the same race make each one
enjoy a much more personal and quieter than a traditional racing game. Not to mention if we hit the free roam mode, where
we have an open world to find collectibles at our own pace.

It would be a kind of zen rally, special
to vitiate him from time to time, to loosen up from a difficult day, or to close it with
a couple of beers and some good rolitas in the background. In the number one position of this top 10
low-requirement PC games we have the one and only Dishonored. At a ridiculous price on Steam, this great game
from 2012 runs on your PC with 4 gigs of RAM and a video card with 1GB of memory,
so before you cry because GeForce RTX video cards are very expensive, do me a
favor and finish this beauty. Dishonored must be one of the few games
that made me want to play it several times, killing everyone, without being seen, without
killing anyone, using powers, without using them, all to get the 50 achievements and see how to do it
without eating it. Both the mechanics of movement, theft,
as well as the different powers and the way of moving without being seen are misplaced for
a game of that time, teaching other FPS how [ __ ] a stealth game is done.

Dishonored I liked much more than the two
and the other, capable because I already knew what was going on and what could wait, but in any case
the three are great games of the [ __ ] mother, and in the Steam offers the combo is
cheaper than taking out to eat your cousin to ask for the [ __ ] for dessert so they have no excuse
to spoil him rather than complain that the price of GPUs does not drop. Well parrots this was 10 games for
low-resource PCs with various genres for whiny [ __ ] who just want AAA.

As always, thank you all very much for being on
the other side, edu camps loves you very much and don't forget to send your cousin a hello from

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