LG C2 vs C1 Smart TVs 4K con Tecnología OLED y puertos HDMI 2.1 con Dolby Vision

Hello, I hope you are very well. In this video, I bring you the comparison between the 4k smart TVs, both with OLED technology. On the left, the LG C2 of this 2022, on the right, the LG C1 of last year 2021, here you can confirm that it is the references mentioned LG OLED C2 on the left and LG OLED C1 on the right and these are their latest software versions available to date the steel 03.10.75 for the C2 and 03.21.10 for the C1 I start first talking about their remote controls or known as magic remotes they are practically the same in this case I have them covered with a case what I recommend to avoid scratches the only perceptible difference is the change in the design of the logo of the Amazon Alexa button on the C2 and as such it says Alexa and in the C1 there is simply the logo of this voice assistant both controls are charged by means of double A disposable batteries the operating system of both televisions is of course WebOS in the fluidity in both televisions it is very and good it is practically the same with very small differences in favor of the C2 most of the time it opens the applications a little faster but it is a matter of almost milliseconds the truth is that the C1 in this aspect has little or nothing to envy the C2 in the review that I uploaded a few days ago from the oled C2 I said that the operating system felt a little more fluid but already comparing them side by side the truth is that the difference is almost imperceptible in this aspect between both televisions in terms of their application stores are the same LG Content Store of this WebOS operating system has many non-popular applications and also many of the most popular Netflix YouTube Amazon prime Disney plus DIRECTV Go among many others and in terms of storage space for the C2 it is 2756 MB and for the C1 of 2801 MB in both cases it seems to me that it is more than enough for practically any user now it comes in terms of smart functions the C2 has e some slight advantages, one of them is that voice commands can be dictated without the need to press the microphone button of the magic remote , that is, it has a function known as hands-free, voice commands can be dictated directly to the television without using the magic control here so you can check it in voice recognition settings while the C1 doesn't accept that aspect Hi LG open youtube by going to the Youtube application Hi LG Hi LG open a web browser I just showed you then some tests done with the wizard of the brand's own voice but what I can tell you is that sometimes it's a bit tedious when you dictate this way hands-free so I find it more accurate or easier when you use the microphone button either on the C2 and of course and necessarily in the C1 this happens with the voice assistants that both televisions support, either the brand's own assistant or the Amazon Alexa or the assistant from Google however at least here in Colombia I don't know why it doesn't recognize the Google assistant but they do recognize Amazon Alexa and here I show you some tests Alexa opens Netflix Alexa opens HBO Max Alexa search for action movies search for action movies another function What I like is that it has the C2 but that it does not have the C1, it is what is known as Always Ready, in short, simply what you can do with this is, for example, listen to music while keeping the screen off, you can also view wallpapers too For example, you can display the time as such with the screen off, that is, as the function that in many current smartphones is known as Always on Display, but well, it is an option or a function that many people probably like, at least yes .

I really like being able to listen to music with at least 99% of the screen on because whatever it is, there is a little log left as I show you in the upper right part when we listen to music that tells us the name of the song they can place it obviously normal so that it is shown more or simply turn it off but when they pay the screen the smartphone disconnects from bluetooth then with the screen off after activating the Always Ready option they search with their smartphone through bluetooth the television in this case the LG C2 when the connection is made as I show you at this moment then we click on done and then it begins to visualize well sorry to hear what we want in this case as I had mentioned the only thing that remains on the screen is the name of the song that we are listening to, in the upper right part of course, that in the C1 we can also link our smartphone to the television via bluetooth to listen to music, for example, but what we cannot do is listen music with the screen off as you can on the C2 with the Always Ready function in terms of screen sharing alla or screening mirroring on both televisions it is simply possible that the C2 has the function known as multi view which is an improvement of the function known as superimposed screen that supports the C1 in the C2 so with this multi view function we can for example On one screen, visualize what we have connected to the air antenna and on the other screen what we are visualizing through our smartphone or, for example, we can visualize on a screen something that we have connected to an HDMI input.

In this case, I have the console connected. Xbox Series X and through this console I have the YouTube application open and I am playing a video through that application and on the other screen we continue to see our smartphone and also, for example, on a screen we can see either something connected to an hdmi input or to the air antenna and on the other screen a webcam connected to a usb port on the television in this case I am doing When testing with a Logitech brand webcam I don't know if it works with other webcams now as I say I did this test with this Logitech just keep in mind that this multi view function does not work when we open a TV application as such so least I could not do that I think it is not possible as far as you can try and in the C1 there is not as such a multi view function but the function known as superimposed screen that I show you at this moment is not bad simply that the function multi views of the C2 seems to me more optimized and with more options in terms of internet browsers they are the same also typical of this WebOS operating system in both you can search through voice commands and it is very precise most of the time the opening speed of web pages is very good on both televisions but obviously this also depends on the internet download speed that they have in their homes and on both it is this function is available which is a kind of mini picture in picture on one screen you can see something connected to an hdmi input and for example a video game console and on the other read something from a web page but you cannot see something from a web page and at the same time activate that mini picture in picture function because when I decide to activate it the video of the web page is automatically paused and vice versa and if I play the video of the web page the mini picture in picture function is deactivated automatically now Well, regarding the gaming section, which is one of the most important things of both televisions , it should be noted that both televisions have this game bar, but it is a little better optimized in the C2 because it is a more recent model, for example, the light can be adjusted by turning this dark room feature on or just turning it off in case you need a little more brightness or clarity you can also directly access the fu ntion of multi view also like the game bar of the C1 you can access these modes or game genres and based on them the graphic configuration changes a little the difference is simply that in the C2 they added a game genre for Sports while that the C1 does not have this Sports game genre and of course you can directly access the game optimizer access a little faster in the C2 here we can then visualize in more detail all the functions for example the game genres as I mentioned in the C2 is also the game genre for Sports while in C1 at least not yet but for practical purposes I am going to leave the game genre in both servers in Standard in both you can also, for example, remove the blue light in case suffer from eyestrain you can enable or disable the variable refresh rate technologies VRR GSync and also FreeSync Premium both TVs support them on both TVs too viewers we have the option to modify the black stabilizer to further improve performance in dark scenes and the white stabilizer to further improve performance in bright scenes the main difference is that in the C2 game bar we have direct access to certain basic parameters such as color contrast you can also change the aspect or ratio of the screen if you want or directly access the rest of the parameters brightness sharpness among others in both of course you can access that type of parameter from the star game bar parameters of the way in which I show you at this time , it should also be noted that both in game mode and in the rest of the image modes, both televisions have the same parameters in terms of color brightness contrast color temperature among others to make this comparison more fair and good talking about the color temperature it is worth mentioning that in both televisions the color temperature in their game modes go comes in Warm 50 to give it a more cinematic look this is recommended by some experts or some brands but I have realized that not all people like it so on both TVs I am going to leave the color temperature at 0 which would be a normal or standard color temperature in terms of its Input Lag times according to the rtings.com page in 4k at 60 exercises in standard dynamic range for C2 is 13.5 milliseconds and for C1 it is 10 milliseconds and in high dynamic range for the C2 is 13.4 milliseconds and for the C1 it is 10.2 milliseconds and at 4k at 120 hertz for the C2 it is 5.4 milliseconds and for the C1 it is 5.3 milliseconds surprisingly the older model has a lower Input Lag time but in practice at least from my personal perception it seems to me that the work on both televisions is practically the same in this aspect the two televisions have four hdmi 2.1 ports they support 120 hertz in 4k and also frequency Variable update rates for both GSync and Freesync Premium what I'm not sure or at least it doesn't seem like they support GSync Ultimate and as for their response times 100 percent of the time is 2.4 milliseconds for the C2 and 2.3 milliseconds for the C1 in practice in this gaming section both televisions are exceptional in terms of graphic quality representation of colors amount of brightness movement management in this case the amount of brightness is better in the C2 because it has an EVO panel and in hdr with game mode it reaches 801 nits while the C1 model 611 nits and although the difference is noticeable not only in theory but also in practice it seems to me that the amount of brightness in the C1 could be more than enough For almost any gamer, it is also important to mention that as far as I have been able to find out, the C1 model in some countries in some sizes comes with an EVO panel, so it will probably generate a greater amount of brightness compared to the version that I have that comes without an EVO panel in terms of general graphic quality it is important to note that the gray color uniformity of both televisions is very good the dirty screen effect is almost imperceptible even with these gray backgrounds and that dirty screen effect would be practically imperceptible when observing normal content, that is, content with more color in terms of color representation, the main difference is that they are a little more voluminous or slightly more saturated in the most recent model, that is, the LG OLED C2 however, it seems to me that the C1 continues to show very good results in this aspect of colors and in terms of its brightness amounts in standard dynamic range the C2 reaches 422 nits the C1 312 nits and in high dynamic range the C2 reaches 842 nits and the C1 628 nits and in high dynamic range with the game mode as I already mentioned the C2 801 nits and for the C1 611 nits the difference of course exists and is notorious or only in theory but also in practice but remember what I already mentioned that in some countries in some sizes the C1 comes with an EVO panel so it probably shows a greater amount of brightness and in terms of high dynamic range technologies the two televisions support hdr10 something that LG calls hdr10 pro they also support hlg or Hybrid Log Gamma and also Dolby Vision and of course Dolby Vision for gaming but none of them hdr10 plus it is worth mentioning that the uniformity of black colors of both televisions is perfect because they have OLED technology and their organic light-emitting diodes can be turned off independently and completely if necessary, therefore they will not notice effects of clouding, blooming or light bleeding, nor will they notice the effect known as Black Crush is to say that neither detail nor definition is going to be lost in scenes with a lot of darkness as many people believe, do not be afraid of that aspect of fact or the dark scenes are going to be noticeable with more details and they are going to look amazingly good either in standard dynamic range or in high dynamic range with any image mode including of course the game mode but obviously these scenes can look a little lighter in the C2 because it has a greater amount of brightness for these results in terms of image scaling I am using the filmmaker mode on both televisions it is also important to mention that the processor of the C2 is the fifth generation alpha 9 and that of the C1 is the alpha 9 of fourth generation and if the C2 processor comes at least in theory it is a little better what I can perceive in terms of these results is that the two televisions show the same when the content has low resolution that is 720p or a lower resolution in both slightly pixelated parts can be noticed but in many cases they can go unnoticed or become very tolerable from 1080p on the scaling work The image scaling on both televisions is very good, it is practically the same , in fact the content seems to have a little more resolution but even so it will not be shown in 4k and if the content has 1440p then the image scaling work in the two televisions is going to closely resemble a native 4k and of course both televisions can play native 4k content in both standard dynamic range and high dynamic range without problems just remember that in order to play high resolution content through applications of streaming such as Netflix YouTube Apple TV Disney plus Amazon prime among others must have a very good internet download speed in their homes or otherwise these applications will automatically reduce the resolution of that content in order to improve its fluency handling of movement when watching content through streaming applications or through a device connected to an hdmi port different from a video game console on both televisions it is very good both televisions in each of their clarity image modes have the parameter known as Trumotion and it is very complete if you want you can place it in user selection and modify The -Blur and The-Judder manually or try with the OLED movement although the truth is that I do not recommend activating it because it darkens the image a lot and also generates a flicker effect that can be a bit annoying, better try these default modes natural cinematic movement or for example the smooth mode until you notice the desired results but you can also turn it off in case you want a more filmic aspect with a slight vibration effect but for example in smooth movement the vast majority of the time it generates very fluid results as soon as a movement management the viewing angles of both emitters are very good in the sense that the colors do not lose so much volume c When their screens are viewed from very steep angles , the colors remain in a very good tonality, however in the C2 at least in my unit I don't know if it happens in all C2 models when the screen is viewed from the side or very wide angle some colors reach a slightly brown hue as I show you at this moment it happens only in C2 in C1 this does not happen so keep that in mind it is not something extremely important unless many people have to sit around the C2 screen which is very unusual , the handling of the reflections of both televisions is incredibly good, it is a little better in the C2 because it has a greater amount of brightness, but the C1 is not far behind, they are highly recommended televisions for dark rooms and also for rooms that receive artificial lighting but for rooms that receive a lot of reflections through the windows, the C2 se g is a little more recommended They generate less reflections in that aspect , the heating on the screen after almost 4 hours of using them non-stop, also of course with video games, is a bit high on both televisions, it is almost the same, however, in none of them they will feel an exaggerated heat when approaching their screens and is a little higher compared to conventional lcd led televisions so to speak but as I already mentioned it is not something exaggerated in terms of inputs the C2 has this port for the IR Blaster which is included in the box it also has a port for the air antenna an auxiliary port a port for the optical digital cable a port for the LAN cable for internet four hdmi 2.1 ports one of them with support for the enhanced audio return channel and three usb 2.0 ports and also seems important to me mention that all the inputs are pointing towards the side of its back while in the C1 model on the back we find a port for the input optical digital one for the LAN cable for internet one port for the air antenna two usb 2.0 ports and one hdmi 2.1 port and in the side entrance the rear three hdmi 2.1 ports one of them with support for improved audio return channel and another port USB 2.0 in terms of design, I personally like the C2 model better, especially when it is placed on a table because the base or pedestal is narrower, there is more space on the sides to, for example, place a cable decoder, while in the C1 although the design is also very premium, the pedestal is very wide and can be a bit uncomfortable when placing devices under the television and also the C2 is a little higher and that at least I personally like it a lot I don't know What do you think about it? Another moderately important aspect that I think is appropriate to mention in favor of the C2 is that its weight is much lower, it is much lighter, 6.2 kilograms lighter, the weight of the C2 is 12.7 kilograms while the weight of the C1 is 18.9 kilograms but in terms of power consumption in the C2 it is a little higher of approximately 176 watts while in the C1 it is approximately 151 watts this is probably due to the fact that the C2 has greater amount of brightness and in terms of sound the power of both televisions is 40 watts the performance is very similar in practice at the end of this video in a few seconds you will be able to judge them for yourselves in that aspect what I could simply notice is that suddenly in the C2 you can hear a little more bass while in the C1 a little more treble as I say the performance in this area is very similar in both televisions and it is very good and in terms of sound technologies the 2 televisions support dolby digital dolby atmos and also enhanced audio return channel none of them support DTS technology and to finish the main question that arises is it is convenient to change from C1 to C2 I would say no to men They are sure that they have too much money or that they are very itchy for having a more recent model that obviously does have improvements, as they could see throughout the video in the smart section and also in terms of graphic quality, but they are not abysmal improvements, but yes they do exist keep that in mind I would think that if they already have the C1 it may be more than enough and they can stay happy for a couple of more years they will probably wait for the C3 to see if there are much bigger improvements especially in terms of brightness although if not they are fans of that aspect the C1 is more than enough or even the CX of 2020 in that aspect could be more than enough for almost anyone and the other question is will this C2 be the best or one of the best televisions of this 2022 Probably yes, I don't know if it is the best, but I would think that it could be in the top 3 if you can buy it in your countries at a good price or if you have the economic capacity to buy it later, it is a very good television.

Complete and you will not regret it and to finish I would like to know what you think about both televisions in the comment box which one do you prefer and why if you liked this video I invite you to please click the like button that also subscribe to my channel if you haven't already done so and if you can, acquire a channel membership so that you can access extra benefits and also support me that way and activate the notification bell so you can know instantly every time I upload a new video not being more I say goodbye see you in the next one and I invite you so that you can judge the performance of the sound system of both televisions.

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