O Lado Sombrio da Tecnologia: A Quarta Revolução Industrial Começou

and from time to time great technological transformations and changes humanity bringing new ways of living work relating and also changing the way the economy and commerce works the first industrial revolution that took place in the 18th century in England was the first of these great transformations inventions such as railways and steam machines transform the world industries began to emerge Productions became much more efficient and for the first time in history the countries that dominated the world became those that left the best and most modern factories the second industrial revolution that took place in the 19th century was also marked great innovations such as electricity, telephone, the emergence of the steel and oil industries, electric motor, and combustion that made possible the emergence of the first cars, the third industrial revolution, also called the digital revolution, initiated in 1960, led to the invention of semiconductors, computers, and the main The mind of the internet at this moment we are Vinicius of a fourth industrial revolution and only the transformation was observed at the time and it will change since a world economy industry institutions work until our day to day but what is the fourth industrial revolution and why it is radically altering the global economy that's it let's see this video and the new advances in technologies that are emerging with the fourth industrial revolution are unlike anything for the first time changes physical and biological digital media are interconnecting and changing the way we live vehicles autonomous vehicles including drones planes and cars like Tesla's are revolutionizing the way locomotion happens 3D printing makes it much more efficient and extremely cheap to manufacture various materials even houses and organs are already starting to be 3D printed robotics innovations are making your search the most adaptive time smart If they already carry out tasks ranging from agriculture to medicine their rapid progress will make cooperation between humans and machines an everyday reality inventions such as quantum computing energy to nanotechnology and genetic sequencing I am also changing their respective areas forever enabling great technological leaps The availability of large databases, the explosion of computing power and the growth of the venture capital industry to finance innovative technology projects, allows for the rapid development of new applications in areas where humans had an advantage in making predictions and making decisions with development of the Artificial intelligence is changing the job market IBM's Watson supercomputer can now recommend personalized treatments for cancer patients in just a few minutes by comparing disease history and patient genetic data to artificial intelligence too is reducing costs with logistics operations and making the intelligence system more efficient with the voice of Alexia da and digital changes have already transformed the way of doing business for example Uber is the largest taxi company in the world but does not own any vehicle dented and Ali Babá the most valuable retail companies but has no inventory and erbienb the largest hotel company in the world but does not own any real estate the economic advantages of the digital model its enormous and generate business tragically smaller tenders but the biggest change than the fourth industrial revolution is providing is the so-called Industry 4.0 Robotic Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are revolutionizing the organization of production chains enabling fully autonomous smart factories for the first time creating production systems in which physical and digital media interconnect and the priest taking a great increase in industrial efficiency and productivity al however changing many aspects that shape the functioning of the current economic system is historically emerging countries are economic advantages due to their cheap labor and attract the installation of factories of foreign companies that sought to reduce costs with this these countries learned the process of Industrial manufacturing carried out by companies from developed countries adapted this knowledge to produce their own products and improved them as the population's salaries increased and more modern factories were installed several countries grew with this process China was one of them being even called for a long time factory in the world so the Chinese managed to grow at an exponential rate as well as other Asian countries with South Korea Hong Kong Taiwan and Singapore allowing thousands of people to get out of poverty however now with industry 4.0 the massive infection of robots and intelligence and in change the job vacancies hand in hand the factories highly skilled professionals with programmers the technology specialists have filled these vacancies this will color the advantage of poor countries and one in relation to their manpower as the new factories will no longer need the workers of the emerging countries that will retain the industrial jobs will be highly qualified professionals from rich countries, this scenario caused by the fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to a shift in production from poor countries to developed countries, completely changing the production chains and resulting in a employment trail for emerging countries Institutions will have to reinvent their growth models to overcome this new economic paradigm success stories like those experienced by the Asian Tigers may no longer exist another problem 4.0 will accentuate market concentration because companies inserted in the market say gital and has high profitability with its large scale low cost business models so few companies that have access to finance have gotten far ahead of the development of Artificial Intelligence and used generated capital to buy competing companies and increase their market share for For example, Google's operations are so profitable that the company currently has 168 Billion Dollars in cash at rest in 2014 Google used part of this money to buy one of the most promising Artificial Intelligence companies, Deep Mind, which boosted the development of new software in this segment As we can see the number of acquisitions companies in the Artificial Intelligence market grows every year And the improvement of purchases and realize I open already big ones like Google Apple and Amazon this model will take the market where the winners take all because the company with the largest share of market gets more data this data is sane the very important and range from the habits to the consumption preferences of the customers and as the company that is new customers more data and implemented to improve artificial intelligence new information is added the system and the machine improve a constant cycle in the century 21 data is new oil in this sense, the speed at which the Artificial Intelligence of a winning company evolves leads to an increasing distance in relation to other companies, with this the entry of new companies becomes increasingly difficult, therefore, concentrating the market on a few winners, limiting the amount of new ones being created reducing competition and the pace of innovation and technology has two effects on employment first there is the destruction of many jobs as new technologies replace old labor second the demand for new goods and services increases and leads to the creation of new businesses and across industries the ecosystem of mobile apps created by Apple is an example of this having only started in 2008 when Steve Jobs let developers create apps for the iPhone in 2018 the revenue generated by the apps reached 100 Billion Dollars surpassing the film industry that has existed for more century and creating a huge amount of new jobs we are currently in the midst of a technological revolution but the unemployment level of countries like Japan and South Korea that have the highest rates of robot adoption, artificial validity and internet are the lowest world new technologies replace low-skilled professions but create other professions and new areas the problem that many tech experts warn is that the massive and more advanced use of artificial intelligence in the future could increase productivity especially by automating low-skilled workers at the same time in what reduced z the demand for high and medium-skilled professionals, that is, without replacing new jobs In addition, another big change is taking place in the job market caused by digital companies are transforming employee is an independent worker for example and self-employed Uber drivers iFood delivery people even created a term to describe this phenomenon the uberization of work in this new model is always necessary One to pay taxes minimum wage o social benefits and workers via more flexible hours and freedom But on the other hand it is generating more unstable jobs and a change in the labor market not even even the financial industry lags behind when it comes to sorry are new robo-advisor algorithms providing consulting services and portfolio tools at a fraction of the old 0.5 percent cost instead of the traditional two percent thus threatening all segments of the current and still new financial sector Crypton currency developments are enabling new financial applications without the intermediary of banks reducing transaction costs and changing the way the banking industry works in the end the adaptability of governments that will determine the success of nations if it knows a world of technological changes advantages competitive skills can be created for example in Japan social principles and artificial intelligence council recommended that education and literacy Artificial intelligence needs to be widely provided from Basic Education and also needs to be taught to current Japanese workers this If gifted will create significant advantages for japanese workers who will be very well adapted to the changes in the job market the future will be for those countries that prove resilient to changes if you liked the video leave a like below subscribe share and an Instagram of the channel is in the description Thank you so much for watching the video so far and until next time

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