[SUB] 프라하 성에서 왕자님을 애타게 찾는 장난꾸리 루다! 🇨🇿

MJ : Say hello first, say hello. MJ : Say hello first. MJ : Which flavor do you want, you tell them. RUDA : Strawberry! MJ : One more time! RUDA : Strawberry! MJ : She said strawberry. * But the only have strawberry flavor with alcohol in it. MJ : Ah they have alcohol in it. MJ : RUDA, we must pick something else. MJ : They have vainilla here. RUDA : I want vanilla! * Sadly we had to switch to vanilla ice cream. MJ : Well done, RUDA! Well done. MJ : Ah she gathered up her courage to say strawberry, but it had alcohol in it. RUDA : What about yours, mommy? MJ : I am not going to have one today. MJ : I don't really want it. We had it everyday. I'm kinda tired of it. KJ : And where are we going today? MJ : We are going to prague castle. MJ : The weather isn't that nice but I think it's okay to just walk around. KJ : Okay, let's go. KJ : It's kinda uncomfortable to have ice cream while walking. KJ : So we are sitting on a bench. KJ : We are at Havel market.

KJ : She got so used to having ice cream, look how skillful she is now! MJ : Right! KJ : Not making a mess at all. KJ : There is a pigeon behind you! * Pigeons gathered around RUDA. KJ : They are after your ice cream! MJ : Come on, drink it up! (RUDA : Can't let them take it away…) * RUDA gulps the ice cream down before they steal it from her. MJ : We are at Mánesův bridge! MJ : And there is Charles bridge over there. MJ : We crossed it yesterday. RUDA : Let's see if there's anyone playing instruments! KJ : You wanna see if there's someone playing an instrument? RUDA : Yes! KJ : You danced there. RUDA : Yes! KJ : Do you want to dance again? RUDA : Yes! RUDA : I will dance beautifully again! KJ : Do you want to dance beautifully again? RUDA : Yeah. KJ : Like voila? RUDA : Yes! KJ : There is a ferry passing by, let's go say hi! KJ : A ferry, hi! RUDA : Hey ferry! * She is saying hi to the ferry and the people passing under the bridge.

KJ : Say hello, hello. RUDA : Hi! Hi! KJ : Hey hi! Bye! RUDA : Hi! MJ : They are saying hi back. KJ : 1, 2, 3! RUDA : Wait! MJ : Why? MJ : Your shoe laces are lose? * Tie up her shoes again. RUDA : Jump! KJ : One last time, 1, 2, 3. Whoo! RUDA : Okay, that's enough. KJ : Okay. RUDA : I can jump on my own! KJ : On your own? RUDA : Jump! KJ : Jump! RUDA : Jump! * Very serious. KJ : Why? Is that because of the sunlight? MJ : Are you looking for something? KJ : What are you looking for? RUDA : Umm, rabbit doll! KJ : Where is your rabbit doll? RUDA : Umm, my rabbit doll…

RUDA : I lost it! KJ : You lost it? RUDA : Yeah. (RUDA : Where are you, rabbit doll?) RUDA : Let's run! * RUDA is running around freely in Prague street. KJ : Boom! RUDA : Daddy, say 'Catch RUDA'! KJ : Catch RUDA! KJ : Catch RUDA! * Should I catch her or not? * RUDA is running away as much as she can. KJ : Do you want some watermelon juice, RUDA? RUDA : Oh, watermelon juice! RUDA : I want watermelon juice! KJ : Say watermelon please. RUDA : Odermelon please! KJ : Thank you! * She ordered watermelon juice without a mistake! KJ : You've been running hard, so you should drink some. KJ : Let's go inside the shade. * 1 orange juice for KJ, one watermelon juice for RUDA. KJ : It's so bland! KJ : Do you like it? RUDA : Yes! KJ : I am surprised, honestly. KJ : Feels like they watered it down, try it. * How bad that can be? MJ tries it. KJ : See, it's pretty bad. KJ : Pretty bad, right? MJ : Yeah… MJ : It tastes like watered down juice. KJ : How much was it? MJ : 150 Koruna for 2. KJ : $8 for 2? KJ : Oh come on, Czech! * We don't recommend getting juices on the way to Prague castle.

RUDA : Look at the people! KJ : Are you looking at people? RUDA : Yes! KJ : We are at the entrance of the castle. KJ : MJ went to toilet. RUDA : Prrrt! KJ : Prrt! KJ : Was that the sound of fart? * RUDA suddenly got interested with farting noise. KJ : Look at the sky, RUDA. RUDA : Where? KJ : The sky is so blue, wow! RUDA : Where? KJ : Look at where I am pointing! The sky and the cloud! RUDA : Prrrt! KJ : Prrt! KJ : Is that the sound of your fart? * RUDA is still a baby, she prefers fart than sky.

RUDA : Brother bear is too fat! RUDA : Baby bear is so cute! RUDA : Promise! Promise! They promised! KJ : You are just making up the lyrics! KJ : Let's go! RUDA : Let's take a break! KJ : Yeah let's take a break, take a seat. KJ : Let's go! KJ : Oh… RUDA : The floor is hot! KJ : It kinda feels like the entrance of Bukhan mountain in Korea. RUDA : Oh wow! * RUDA is mesmerized with the beautiful scenery of the street.

MJ : Wow, I love her reaction. KJ : Oh? What's the noise? RUDA : It's the clock! RUDA : Right! Clock! RUDA : Clock! KJ : Huh? What's the noise? RUDA : Let's go! Hurry, we have time! RUDA : We have time! RUDA : Hurry up now! KJ : Look at that! KJ : Maybe the prince is living in there, RUDA. Let's go! RUDA : Really? Really? KJ : Yeah there might be a prince over there, let's go! RUDA : Prince! KJ : Where is the prince? RUDA : I guess the prince is gone! KJ : Gone? RUDA : Yeah! KJ : Where did he go? RUDA : Where did the prince go? RUDA : Mommy, the prince is gone! KJ : RUDA, go find your own prince! KJ : RUDA, actually the prince is… RUDA : Yeah? KJ : Me! RUDA : No..! RUDA : You are not the prince! KJ : Mommy was the princess and I was the prince! RUDA : No! MJ : Am I a princess? RUDA : No! * A very adamant RUDA.

KJ : Huh, what is this? KJ : It's opening its mouth! Look, just like me! KJ : Like aaah! Right? RUDA : This one over there? RUDA : That one is opening its mouth too! KJ : Yeah. RUDA : Scary… KJ : Are they? KJ : Hello! RUDA : Who did you say hello to? KJ : I was saying hi to the child there. RUDA : Hi! Hi! * RUDA is saying hi to a total stranger. * And she says hi back! RUDA : A person just jumped! KJ : Jumped? You should do that too! KJ : Show me your ballet! RUDA : Tada! KJ : Like that, turn! KJ : Jump! * RUDA is dancing in front of the St.

Vitus cathedral. RUDA : I feel kinda dizzy! (RUDA : But I am so excited!) MJ : Take a picture of me and daddy! RUDA : Click click! MJ : Are you actually taking a pic? RUDA : Yes! RUDA : 1, 2, 3! * RUDA is trying her best to take pictures. * And someone thought she was cute. KJ : Take a picture of us! * And to repay that, RUDA took a very nice picture of that foreign lady. * Very satisfied. MJ : Take a picture of me and KJ! KJ : A baby photographer, yeah? MJ : Ah so funny. KJ : Where can Rupins see the pictures? MJ : RUDA's pictures are all uploaded on my Instagram story. KJ : They will see everything when they click it, right? * Go into MJ's instagram profile and click RUDA's point of view. (RUDA : Understood?) RUDA : Wow… KJ : She can't see anything, she keeps saying wow, wow! RUDA : Wow! KJ : You are not trying to throw your mic away, right? RUDA : Hmm? KJ : Why are you holding that mic? RUDA : It might fall into the well! KJ : Ah…

RUDA : I will keep it so that the baby mic won't fall! KJ : Okay! KJ : Do you want me to lift you? RUDA : No, I can do it! KJ : You can do it on your own? RUDA : Yeah! KJ : Put your mic on, or else it will fall. Give me. KJ : Baby mic wants to stay here. RUDA : Baby mic! * Why? RUDA : Do you want to be here? KJ : Yeah let me help you. KJ : Baby mic, stay next to RUDA, okay? RUDA : Baby mic! * Why? RUDA : Don't you want to sleep? * Yeah.

RUDA : Let's go mommy & daddy house and sleep! MJ : She is petting it. MJ : Look there is a prince bird, over here. RUDA : Where? MJ : So that she can understand… * A bird statue with a fancy crown! KJ : I guess the prince was a bird! KJ : He is wearing a crown. RUDA : Who is that? KJ : I guess the prince turned into a bird. RUDA : He is an eagle! KJ : No he is a prince. RUDA : He is an eagle prince! MJ : Yeah someone put a spell on him and now he is a bird. * Hey RUDA, I am a prince but I am now an eagle.

RUDA : An eagle? * Yeah. RUDA : Who are you? * I am the prince of Prague, Czech. RUDA : Prince of Prague? * Yeah. * If you show me your ballet… * It might cast way my spell! * Just a bit more! (RUDA : Let there be no curse!) * Lol! * Cute and innocent RUDA. * We came to Starbucks of Prague castle, famous for its great view. KJ : Are you taking a lookm like that? * She is making a telescope with her hands to see it better.

KJ : Can you see them? KJ : Can you see them better with your magic glasses? RUDA : Yes! RUDA : Mommy! MJ : Hmm? RUDA : Whose coffee are these? MJ : That's mine. RUDA : And this? RUDA : And this one? KJ : That's mine. * People come here for this wonderful view. RUDA : I am drinking water with a straw. KJ : Really? Good job! RUDA : Mommy! RUDA : Where is your straw? MJ : I don't need one.

KJ : So let's go home after a break here. KJ : Now we left the castle. MJ : Yeah we did. RUDA : Rolling rolling! MJ : RUDA, it's dangerous, you can't run here. KJ : Wow, this street is so pretty. KJ : Today is Friday. MJ : Yeah. * We spent 4 days in Czech and only have 3 days left. KJ : How is it, didn't you get used to it and feel comfy now? MJ : Yeah it's always hard in the beginning.

KJ : And after living 1 month in Jeju, I am now used to spending 24 hours with RUDA. MJ : But we are doing something here. * So it's more interesting for both of us as we are doing new things. RUDA : Oh wait! KJ : Why? RUDA : What is this? MJ : They have it here too? RUDA : I want a hat with moving ears. KJ : Nope. KJ : It's too hot for that, let's go. * Lol. RUDA : I like jumping! RUDA : I like jumping! MJ : She felt awkward and now she says it's funny. RUDA : Jump! KJ : The floor here is kinda slippery like toilet. MJ : The stones got smooth because too many people stepped on them. KJ : We had ice cream with RUDA. KJ : And went to see Prague castle and all the nice buildings. * See you in the next video, Rupins! KJ : Bye. Run away. * RUDA keeps sticking to the street lights.

MJ : Ah she is so strong. KJ : Good job! (RUDA : I am so good at it, right?) RUDA : I am doing this like a sloth! KJ : You are hanging like a sloth? KJ : Wow you are doing a great job! MJ : You might fall! RUDA : No, I can run! KJ : But be careful! RUDA : Hey there! RUDA : A balloon! Balloon! MJ : Balloon! * RUDA says balloon and they are trying to give us one. KJ : They want to give us one! RUDA : Thank you! MJ : RUDA, what should you say? RUDA : Thank you! KJ : And bow. RUDA : Thank you! RUDA : Can I take this home, daddy? KJ : Yeah, wow, lucky you, RUDA! RUDA : I love orange! RUDA : I love orange color! MJ : Yeah she gave you an orange balloon. KJ : This is a charm of a trip. MJ : Yeah. RUDA : She gave me orange because I like it! KJ : Yes and you did a great job saying thank you. KJ : That's how you say thank you. RUDA : Thank you, like this! RUDA : I said it in Korean and in English! KJ : And you bowed too. RUDA : I did! KJ : Good job! RUDA : Right? KJ : Let's go now.

RUDA : So cute!.

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