What IS this editor?!?!

one of the great things about being a developer is that you pick up on and you notice when they use code and code editors in tv shows and movies and it's usually really wacky here's a great example of that so this is a picture that i grabbed while watching the show mythic quest and i thought what in the world editor is this so there's icons over here kind of like visual studio code in this explore section but it's not visual studio code the operating system looks like maybe it's linux and reddit says maybe linux mint got a couple other screenshots here there's this one there's a section on the right kind of like visual studio has and in this one it looks like they're writing ios code with ui kit and av foundation but the file type is dot p8 which i have no idea what that is so what is that editor do you recognize it have you seen it before if so let us know in the comments below

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