Lisa on Amazon Prime | Money Reaches 1 Million Sales in the U.S. | Ella Chen Pink Venom Challenge

When the album Lalisa came out, fans knew without a doubt that her content was going to be popular, unlike anything we've ever seen. Without many promotions, Money took a life of its own, went viral on social media, and broke records left and right while making history. Just moments ago, Money added another accolade to its already solid resume. On the anniversary of Lisa's solo album, Money has sold over a million copies, making the record eligible for platinum. Lisa is the first K-pop singer since Psy to reach this milestone, making her one of two K-pop singers in history to receive this honor. It also made Lisa the first and only female kpop solo to reach 1 million sales in the US. What makes this absolutely compelling is that Money is actually a low-promotion B-side track, but its organic viral journey continues to leave us speechless. Suffice it to say, this amazing feat can only be accomplished by virus queen Lalisa Manobal. From start to finish, the first recording of Money, First take? Yes. In other news, Lisa's co-star with Youth With You Ella Chen recently added herself to a long-growing list of celebrities who have completed the Pink Venom challenge.

Her presence on her official Instagram is no excuse for other celebs not to join, as she shows off some incredible multitasking abilities. Her warm heart and sense of humor are what makes her interactions with Lisa so beloved by fans. In our last piece of news, fans can now watch Lisa on TV as she is featured in Bulgari's Amazon Prime documentary "Dream." In Lisa's section, you can watch Lisa talk to CEO JC Babin about the event and hear her analyze jewelry. Fans also love Manobal walk, longdarisa, and Lisa's dopamine-inducing smile. FYI, Zendaya was mentioned to Lisa by JC Babin during the Zoom meeting.

It's been amazing to work with Lalisa and Zendaya. What do you think of today's Lisa news? Please comment, like and subscribe!.

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