I bought the CHEAPEST Apple Products

– Today, I have purchased all of the cheapest Apple products on Amazon. Matt, would you like to dive in? (Matt laughs) Yeah, that one's kind of heavy. – That one's heavy. – I bought all of the cheapest
Apple products on Amazon. Say, you go on Amazon, you type in the word iMac, AirPods, iPad, and whatever the cheapest
one was, I got it for you. – I'm assuming that this
is a pair of AirPods, so. – This one I can assure you is not. – Woo-hoo! – This is the iMac. – [Joanna] This is the AirPods Max. – See? You look like you need
some help over there. – It's taped, but it's also, the tape is slowly escaping me here.

– We're just gonna yeet. – So this is a late 2015 21.5-inch iMac. Take a look down the side. This is one of the thin ones, and it sort of expands out
to fit your hard drive. Sadly not SSD. SD card, headphone, four USB 3.0, two Thunderbolt, and ethernet. – [Matt] So good port selections. – Very good.
– Yeah. – And you might be amazed to know, this, still fully compatible with macOS. It is completely up to date. – Asterisk. – Okay. It's up to date to as of today. It won't get the next macOS update that comes out in like a month or two. – Yeah. – Power cable, I will say, is not original and
definitely just came out. Okay. We're gonna try it one more time. Look, Matt, the cheapest on Amazon! Let's just give it a
couple moments to boot because, of course, hard drive means it takes a little while.

Patience, Matt. Patience. It's gotta think about it. It's almost done loading. – I will-
– Almost. – I will say, for a 1080 screen, that looks really nice. Oof, oof.
– macOS Catalina. What do you mean, "oof"? – A lot of oofs. So it's dual-core i5.
Couldn't even get an i7. – It's the cheapest. Eight gigs of RAM. It's the same amount as you get in the $1,200 MacBook Air. – All right, so if we
go to the best channel that is ever channeled. – [Joanna] Denki? – Wow. – There we go. – I'm gonna say Megaraptor
can just hang out here.

– 1080p playback.
– What's really dumb is the PS4 experiment-
– Looks beautiful. – Sounds great. I have a feeling my reservations for all of these today will
be the same pretty much, is the fact that this one is
no longer gonna be supported in about a month and a half. – But it's still supported today, which means that you can still use it for a few years in the future.

It's still fine. – The fact that you can't upgrade this in any way, shape, or form. – Yeah, that actually sucks. – [Matt] So those are things
I might be concerned about, depending on how much you paid for these. – Do you wanna take a guess? How much do you think it cost? It included Amazon Prime shipping. This thing, I'll tell
you, not cheap to ship. So just keep that in mind. – Yeah, $200. – You get two guesses.
How much did this cost? – 300. – 225.
– 225. – This is a lot of computer for 225. 225, I would give you that one for 225. This is a damn fine like, I wanna surf the web, I wanna watch a movie.
– Ultra-fine, some might say. – It's not ultra-fine. – So, Matt.
– Yep. – You need some upgradeability
in your life? Here you go. The last good MacBook
that Apple ever made. Steve jobs himself personally signed off on this beautiful design that has never been topped before or set.

– I don't even know which
one you're talking about, but I already know this is a bad value. – That might be a
third-party power adapter. – This is definitely third party. – It's fine. It comes with it. – The amount of third-party adapters that I've had that have caught on fire. – Do you Think Jeff Bezos
is trying to kill us? – [Joanna] How many fires have you started with third-party adapters? – Yeah, Matt.
– Started? – Yeah.
– Two. (Joanna chuckles) – [Austin] That seems like two too many. – Wait a minute. Wait. – [Austin] Is this a skin? – This is a skin. I have a feeling that this is absolute.

I'm taking this off. Oh, it's scuffed as (censored). – Oh wait, wait, wait.
No, no, no, you're right. It's like not clear. It's like a little silver
skin they put over it to make it look better. – [Matt] This has been dropped many times. This has been dropped since
they put the skin on it. You can see- – Dents. Dent, dent.
– where the dents are. Look how many-
– No, put it back, put it back, put it back. – Oh, wow.
– Matt, it's- – That looks brand new.
– So yeah, yeah. – [Joanna] See, isn't that so satisfying to just pull off the-
– No, it's actually really. – Ooh, I just got a whiff of it. – You smell that? Smell that.
– Yeah. No, I don't have to. I. It's pretty-
– How do you feel, Matt? – I feel violated that I
just had something shoved in my face and told to sniff it. – It's not the first time, Matt. – I know, but like. – [Joanna] Okay. – Do we have a fire extinguisher ready? – [Joanna] I think so. Yeah. – Okay. Okay. Calm down. It's Amazon Renewed.

They would never do us dirty like that. So this is a mid-2012 13-inch MacBook Pro. Now, this is actually one of
the more popular MacBook Pros because this is the last
of the old school ones that had the optical drive,
that have all the ports, and, importantly, are upgradeable. Theoretically, if you were to, say, spend a little bit more money, you could have gotten a Retina MacBook, which is better in some ways. – Yeah.
– But you could not upgrade that MacBook anywhere near as easily. On top of that, what you've
got here is what I would say… Wait.
– Ugh. – It's already got an SSD. – [Matt] Mm-hmm. – Oh!
– I was waiting for you to say, I was waiting for
you to pick up on that. – I knew that. – Why do I know more about
this laptop than you do? Four gigs of RAM at 1,600 megahertz.

DDR3. – One thing, can you check the battery? How many cycles does the battery have? I'm actually afraid of that. One cycle count. It's a brand-new battery. See? Jeff personally refurbished
this battery himself. Now, mind you, it is a little out of date in that it only goes up to macOS Catalina. If you wanna do some modifications, you can update this to
newer versions of macOS, but you're essentially Hackintoshing it, which is a bit of a pain. So that would be one of
the big knocks against it. – If you spent anything
more than 200 bucks on this, I don't think it's worth it. – (chuckles) I did not. – Really? – $170. – Okay. Okay. – Right? Not bad.
– All right. Not bad. – I think for buying the
cheapest MacBook on Amazon, I didn't do too bad. – I'd say go for the Retina, which has the eight gigs of RAM that you're gonna put in here.

At the end of the day, you're gonna be spending about
the same amount of money. – You're looking a little down. What about a dense brick of wonderful, delightful Johnny ivory. – There's only one thing
this possibly could be. – You know exactly what it is. – I know exactly what it is,
and I'm taking this home. Would you say this is
the most trash product that Apple has ever sold? (Austin laughs) Ha-ha! Word play. – This is the 2013 trash can Mac Pro. And I argue this might be the best product in this entire video.

Feel the heft. Do you feel the power? – For the record, it's like
90 in the studio right now, and this thing is ice cold. – That's very nice.
– Yeah, yeah. – Oh. Oh, that feels. – It's just one giant heat sink. – [Austin] You know what? Which is ironic. – I'll take it. Thank you.
– Oh, okay. (Austin laughs) – Watch this. Watch this. See the ports? You move it around. (bright upbeat music) They light up. How good is that? – This had dual GPUs in it, and they form this lovely triangle of cooling that would take all the heat and just go (imitates air whooshing).

– Much like the Xbox Series X of today, which uses that sort of
the natural flow of heat, which is to go up. – The problem was-
– No, there's no problem. – this didn't really dissipate that heat all that well.
– No, no, no, no, no, no, no. – So back when I was in grad school and we had a whole bunch of these to render out 4K video, we would sit there and try
and render out the videos, but these things would get so hot that the actual rendered out video would have artifacting in the image from the GPUs messing up.

It never delivered, and they
never updated this thing. – Yeah, that was the problem. They literally never upgraded all the way until the 2019 Mac Pro came out. With this system, they did
not have the capability to run the hotter AMD GPUs
that would come out later, the hotter Intel CPUs. Like, it basically just, they
built themselves into a box, or into a trash can, as some might say.
– A cylinder. – Cylinder is probably a
better way of putting it. I think a lot of people would
say that this was a mistake. It was a bad system. Yada, yada, yada. I think, on the whole of it, this was a machine that
was ahead of its time. – Oh yeah. We don't get like an M1 Mac Mini and we don't get an M1 Studio without this bad boy right here. – Absolutely. The other thing that's nice about this is that it is fully up
to date as of right now. So it will not get the next macOS update, but you got a six-core CPU, 16 gigs of RAM, dual FirePro GPUs. You got all the Thunderbolt ports.

Matt, how are you not in love right now? – I told you, I'm gonna take it with me. You can't make me fall in love with what I'm already in love with. – Matt, I have a confession to make. This was not the cheapest
Mac Pro on Amazon. – Really? – This is the mid-spec Mac Pro, which for a mere $70 more- – $70? – [Joanna] Is Austin Evans
scamming his audience? – No.
– Yup. Yup. – This was $540. So-
– I don't like that. I don't like that. Now, the argument some might make is that, for just a little bit more money, you could purchase a M1 Mac Mini, which is gonna be
supported for much longer, and it'll have-
– And it's gonna blow this thing out of the water. Apple, bring back this design, put an M2 chip in here, and sell this design again. This is one of the most
gorgeous pieces of technology that has come out of a lot
of companies in a long time. – I've always wanted to do

Wait, wait, hold on. I've always wanted to do this. Ready? Ready? Ready? – Wait, wait, wait. No, no, no, if you're. – Ha-ha, you caught it.
– No, no. No, if you're gonna do that, then. – Oh no, don't get-
– I'm not gonna. I'm not. – on the table, Matt. – Hello, and we're not recording on this. Oh, yeah. See, look.

There we go. Mystery tech. – When I searched the word iPod on Amazon, I was horrified. This is a sixth generation iPod Touch. – Already a bad deal.
Look at that bad boy. A nice big gouge right down the middle of the screen. There's not a thing
refurbished about this. – No. There are a lot of products in this video that I'm gonna defend, I'm gonna tell you are a great deal. I, in good conscious, could not remotely defend this one. Matt, do you remember how much this cost when it was brand new? – About 200 bucks. – How much do you think I paid for it? – About 400 bucks.

– 250 United States dollars. As soon as they discontinued iPod, they're now collectibles, which means that the
prices have skyrocketed. – But like-
– I guarantee you, you could have bought this
iPod a couple years ago for 50 bucks. I'm not even exaggerating. Now, there are some things I can say that are nice about the iPod. This is still, I think, one of, if not the thinnest iOS
device they've ever made. – Yes. This is what the
iPhone Mini should have been. The fact that you can get an actual iPhone which is gonna be the same price as this. Ow. – [Austin] You didn't catch it. – Well, 'cause you hit me in the hand. What?
– This will cheer you up. This will cheer you up.
– Absolutely not, young man. – AirPods. – I don't care if, no. You couldn't pay me to wear someone else's headphones. – They're renewed. What
could possibly go wrong? They're AirPods 2, mind you.
– Ear crabs. – What? They're ear crabs? – Ear crabs.

– So I'm gonna pop these
bad boys in my ear. (bass-heavy music) – Yeah, I don't know
how he's not deaf yet. 'Cause he just listens to
headphones at like full volume. (bass-heavy music) I'm not part of this. – They sound like AirPods. – [Joanna] Well, they are AirPods. – That's my review.
How much would you pay? – None. None monies. If you gave me $100, I still would not have
put those in my ears. – What if you gave Amazon $109? – No. What? 109? What? – What? – You could buy Pros for like 180. (Austin laughs) It's not often that I get to be mad about how much money that
Austin spent on something, but do not buy refurbished headphones for $10 less than you
can buy them brand new.

Just gonna go ahead and. (Austin laughs) – [Joanna] How dare you. You know, Josh, just gave
me a compliment today about getting shots of boxes for B-roll and you threw it in the trash. – Yeah. – Go get it out of the trash.
– Get it out of the trash, – Matt.
– Go get it. – [Matt] Fine, Joanna. (crew member laughs) – Matt.
– Yep. – What if I were to tell
you that inside this box is the cheapest Apple price
that is in this video? What would you say to that, huh? – I'm gonna guess this is an iPad. – Well, yeah, 'cause it says iPad on it. Look, this is an iPad Air. The first generation iPad Air. – Yeah. Oh it's on in the box. – What? – It's just on. – Thanks. They already
turned it on. (laughs) – Is that covering up something? This is etched away. Feel that. I don't think that's a sticker. – [Austin] If you feel it, it's
actually like super smooth.

There is some text underneath. – I wonder if it-
– Oh. – [Matt] Yeah. That's me
pulling on the aluminum. – Yeah, it's actually sunken in. It's almost like it was put in some clamp and went like (imitates metal clunking). So that I think is permanent. – Yep. That is definitely permanent. But it's snappy, like, for what it is. – Yeah. This design is almost identical to the current $330 base iPad. They have just kept this design around, upgraded, upgraded, upgraded, but what you're gonna
get here, Retina display. You've got the always delightful iOS 12.

If you open up specifically for YouTube, it requires iOS 12 or later. So it's about as old as it gets, but it is still fully
supported via YouTube, which, I mean, again, if you think about this iPad, if you can play video, if you can do some basic things on it, I think for the price, that's all most people really need to do. You're gonna run into
some apps in the App Store that will not support this. I will almost argue more apps will not support this than will. – When it comes to iPads, I have a very specific philosophy that when someone says like, "I'm looking to get an
iPad, what should I get?" and I usually tell people, "Buy the base iPad, but buy it brand new, or as close to the newest one as you can." It's not so much, oh, don't get it used, but it's because of how
long these things can last. If you get one that's like
the current year model, that's gonna last you for the next seven, eight, nine years minimum.

This thing's gonna have to be 50 bucks. – 50 bucks? – Because.
– No. Renewed from Amazon, $82. Okay? I think that's a pretty
reasonable deal considering that if you're buying a $50 Galaxy Tab or Fire tab or something, smaller, not made out of aluminum, and you're getting a much nicer screen. What are you doing? – I'm looking. I'm looking. – You can use the iPad,
actually, if you want. – iPad Air 2, which has- – Double the price,
Matt. Double the price. – Double the storage. It does have iPadOS. All I'm saying, I feel like
we're saying the same thing about a lot of these products, but yeah, this is great
price for right now to do it.

But next year, this might be
a big ol' paperweight for you. So spending a little bit
more money will get you a lot more down the road as far as how you can use these. So like, just spending the
cheapest is not always the best. – No, I disagree..

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