ORIA 142-IN-1 Tech Tool Kit [UNBOXING & REVIEW]

Hello, Youtube! And Welcome to HeathenHacks! Today we are going to unbox a relatively cheap 142-in-1 Tech Toolkit from ORIA. See what tools are included inside and find out if it’s worth the money. ~LESGO! Here it is out of the packaging and judging by its color scheme, how the pouch is constructed and what tools are present, it seems like it’s trying to be a cheaper alternative for iFixit’s Pro Tech Tool Kit. These are the stuff that are included inside. 1 metal spudger 1 nylon spudger or prying tool 1 stick pick with a spudger and hook The way you use this is like this. Imagine my pointy and thumb fingers is the case, ok? So, you insert the spudger part in to the small opening like this then turn it Doing that would make the case would be caught by the hook which would make the prying process a bit easier. 1 flexible extension bit Also has 1 anti-static brush, but according to its product page, it’s a cleaning brush, so I’m not entirely sure. 1 tweezers for holding SMD components while soldering or desoldering, I guess 1 pair of crowbar spudgers And finally, 1 suction cup and 1 sim tray tool Moving on to the bits.

Ok. Let's…. Seeee…. Apparently, it should have 120 pieces of precision High Grade CRV or ChRomium Vanadium Steel screwdriver bits and 22 other tools, however it looks like the “142-in-1” is a lie, because some of the bits are in pairs. A lot of them have 2 pieces of the same bit. See? Instead of having 12 Phillips bits with varying sizes, it only has 6 pairs. I’m not sure why. Maybe they are there as spare bits or… I don’t know.

One thing I do know is that it’s misleading. A little bit disappointing, to be honest. Then again, it’s pretty cheap. So… You know… Gotta’ manage my expectations, I guess. Alright, here are the bits that are included. 6 pairs of 90 degrees Phillips or JIS 4 pairs and 8 pieces of Torx 9 pieces of Tamperproof Torx 4 pairs of Pozidriv or Pozidrive bits 2 pairs and 3 pieces of Tri-Point 8 pairs of Slotted or Flathead bits 4 pairs of Pentalobe or 5 Point/Star bits 2 pairs and 11 pieces Hex 4 pieces Triangle bits 3 pieces U-Shaped bits 3 pieces Square or Robertson 2 pieces Sim Tray bits 2 pieces MIDs Don’t know what this one is called. Don’t know what this one is called either. But it looks like a curved flathead bit. 2 pieces of these pointy bits 7 pieces Nutsetters or Hex Socket bits 2 pieces Torx Sockets And lastly, this big thing. Moving on to the other side of the pouch Here we have 1 lens or screen cloth for cleaning mobile phone screens, I guess… 1 magnetic screw memory mat for holding your device’s… well.

Screws. Ok, let’s see if it even works. The magnet is not that strong, but the screw is not that small either, so I guess it’s good enough. Right here, we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 guitar picks. According to iFixit they’re called opening picks. Looks the same, tho. It’s quite sturdy and bendable, too. Which is nice. Next is the screwdriver. I like this blue and black color scheme, to be honest. It kinda’ looks like my old precision screwdriver, albeit a little different. Not gonna' lie, I kinda’ wish that it has some extension bit like my old one, tho. Seems like this kit doesn’t have one.

Oh! Apparently, it has one! It’s just built-in to the screwdriver. So, it can extend this long. Arouuund 4 inches. You just need to pull this locking thingy right here to extend it and to put it back. Verrrry Nice! It also has a magnetizer, demagnetizer thing to magnetize and demagnetize your bits as needed. Now, where can we use a demagnetizer and why is it important? It’s a case to case basis, but if you are working on a tight space with metal everywhere like a PC case, there’s a tendency that your bit would get pulled by the magnetic field everywhere and end up taking your time. Let’s see if it works. This is a magnetized bit, so it can pick up metal screws without it being magnetized. Just like that. Now, if you demagnetize it… Why is it not working? Ooooohh.

Okay… I think it’s because the extension bit is magnetized as well. Let’s try it again. Aaaand there you go. The screwdriver is not picking up the metal screw. Now, let’s magnetize it again. Whhhooop. There you have it. Now, for the review. Upon using this to disassemble a laptop to change its thermal paste, build a decent online class rig for my nephew, and disassembling an old android tablet to see if the idea that popped up in my mind would work, by the way, it didn’t. I would say that this set of tools is pretty handy. Specially the screw memory mat. The tips are quite strong as well and they’re all magnetic. But, since it has a hint of false-advertisement, I won’t recommend it.

There are other cheaper alternatives to this. Thanks for watching and see you again next week! Maybe..

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