Primitive Technology: CRAFTING a Bamboo Motorcycle (to escape Zombies)

A motorcycle would solve most of my problems. Zombies are getting faster every day, making it hard to scavenge on foot. It would be easier with two people. But holding down the fort is also an important job, which my roommate has volunteered to do. He performs best when not hungry and seated by a fire. This is where I planted my chopsticks yesterday. I will make the bike frame out of this bamboo. Crafting is much easier with blueprints because they guide where all the pieces go. Cloth strips bind the bamboo together. Be aware – you cannot reverse this process. Before I learned how to make cloth strips, I had clothes. For additional strips, I considered using my final article of clothing. But since I don’t know VFX I can’t blur out my genitals for this video. Munchkin tombstones. Crafting wheels starts with a clay hub and spokes. Sorry about the background. Bitch boy decided to interrupt and remodel. To absorb shock, we need to create a tire. The fresher, the better. The recipe requires three arms and four cloth strips… Holding hands in perfect harmony. Reminds me when we used to pray before dinner.

Very satisfying. I never thought I would live this long. I must do dangerous things to survive. But sometimes I make other people do them for me. We need to power the bike with an engine. This sturdy log will be our engine block. The peaceful quiet of the forest plays a big part in inspiring my creations. The sound of the wind keeps me sane in troubling times. Combining coal powder and gypsum crystals will fuel our engine. Don't add too much magic gypsum! Looks like the zombies hate noise as much as I do.

Next time I’ll try solar power. Time to bust some skulls. Now it's time to scavenge!!! I'm going to get so much stuff. Look at how cool this looks when I ride it around camp! Good luck "holding down the fort" ! They see me rollin. The best crystals are in the sewers, beneath the old city. I sometimes wonder what it must of been like to live here in the golden days.

This would make a great hat. Six inches under. My munchkin brothers RIP. This is where I lost my stuff earlier. Now I’m unstoppable! If my Meemaw taught me anything, it was never leave a family member behind. Or my camera, since that’s how I make these videos..

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