Renegade – Season 2, Episode 4 – Dead End and Easy Money – Full Episode

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] evidence baños ours [Music] he was a cop and good at his job but he committed the ultimate sin and testified against other cops gone bad cops that tried to kill him but got the woman he loved instead framed for murder now he prowls the Badlands and outlaw hunting outlaws a bounty hunter a renegade [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] sideout Adams and last photo batshit bed set you putting the ball on the net get the ball up we're getting raped what are you doing don't ever touch me sure Starling and disqualified [Music] this house that walkway in front of me has gone for the ball get off the court [Music] right I'm on your side the guy was in front of me I was going for the ball to San Cielo police officers were hospitalized today after their evidence van was hijacked by unknown assailants police officials say that the van was being used to transport a large shipment of seized guns and narcotics to a holding warehouse downtown this is hope Stan Lee reporting [Music] [Applause] [Music] ma'am I'd like to what oh yeah let me just talk this butter hood and I'll be easy ten John easy ten just gonna cut you out of that herd of buffalo you know that table over there is awfully noisy do you know who they are oh they're just a bunch of guys from the volleyball tournament they get cut out sometimes seems like you know pretty well we bussed tables in this joint and you get to know like everybody a lot more than you need to I swear it's like a long way from being miss Redondo Beach drag strip to this sawdust and vomit Turkey [ __ ] that guy sitting in that corner he's somebody you know familiar is he a famous actor who are you see there's black he's kind of cute Finney you from around here my guess his neck is like I probably would have noticed do you think I could get his autograph maybe you could introduce me to she's no movie star he's like a volleyball player I remember that now I've seen him on TV uh bigger he's like having a party at his beach house and he'd like me to go and I'd like to go but those dudes rage too hard well then maybe I can take you to dinner mmm in that case why don't we go to Bill that's just like two doors down bouncing dad come on I'm on my dinner break [Applause] like my name's not really Avalon feel like I just kind of made that up you're kidding no really it's like this town on Catalina Island and um see my real name is Mildred hem sucker but being and acting and everything I didn't think that Millie hem snicker would really bring the groceries in so I like changed it to Avalon jones which i think is sexy and fried and sort of sassy so you're an actress that must be exciting for sure of course I like haven't exactly done anything yet because I like was gonna take these classes but when I was Miss Redondo Beach dragstrip um I kind of got involved with this guy named Larry and he was the guy who organized the contest so I got kind of sidetracked he was boring oh god I hate boring but um anyways he said he knew this guy who knew this guy who knew the casting director for studs so I thought my ship was like gonna come in but then like Larry's old lady totally got ballistic cuz she like caught us in this motel so then I was like on the next bus to Nowheresville bad break for sure oh there you are I flew out of there pretty fast honey who's your friend sharp it's black time for you to pay up and move on Vince that's too bad why was it ain't gonna happen so now you've got a big problem digger you want to start something break some furniture maybe problem is he'd wake up those cops over there and end up spending the rest of night in jail so why don't you play it smart hmm just turn around and leave this parade of cartilage out of here okay McFly here's the game I see you on the street in your car on the beach anywhere give it your best shot I'm up for see at the party Evelyn sure I would do sweetheart I'd hop on a frame out of town you don't want to be any part of that road cam Avalon I got a better idea why don't we go to this party [Music] hey Donny Fred but yesterday you should seen this guy last match of the tourney he totally went backwards into the table of judges oh my god it was so funny like I almost died give me a minute we have a life okay sweetheart but if you see bigger you better holler up I don't wanna miss the best up for sure I was like so awesome how did you do that no leave me alone No [Music] didn't your mommy ever teach you what no means didn't you ever learn how to knock [Music] okay John ready that's nice and easy right you give me any noise I'm gonna turn the lights back out you got it let's go [Music] go make friends with a car over there [Music] for sure [Music] keys to the Harley Vincent black no credit cards can I help you with something welcome back did you hit me over the back of the head yeah you won't tell me why I'm an active aggressive in you were handy what is a Vince Black you travel kind of light you're not a surf bar surfers don't ride bikes no place to put the board then there's this contributing piece of data you sound like you stopped by the University got the air in your head changed I'm waiting for a story that makes sense Vince I knew you were working me for information about John sharp at the bar well that Zippity do about thinking he's an actor so now you've got one shot at a story make it count I work an FBI special Crimes Unit out of Phoenix you're in big trouble lady besides assault with a deadly weapon you're detaining a federal officer in the pursuit of his duty that's a Class A felony kidnapping what's federal statute number for gun-running Title 18 US Code section 922 a 1a not bad is there a prize I don't know I've never seen a Fed that looks like you before how'd you get through Quantico with all those tattoos honey I got these tattoos after I was an agent it's good undercover camouflage what's the chassis number on that bike out there Vince I don't know I have to go crawling under there I'm gonna get real nasty 3 6 8 – 4 1 5 – 9 – 7 something you know we could have a lot more fun if you gotta cuff me Evelyn I'm having fun my name's not a balloon Lily him Secor probably goes in the bin along with everything else huh you're sure you know I was actually thinking about running for Miss Redondo Beach drag strip for a while but um I didn't want to wear those metallic short shorts I don't like the looks of this Vince what I accessed the harley-davidson parts registration sheet and um they said that they sent out a new carburetor filter 92 to somebody named RINO Raines I'm bettin that's you Vince let's see if your wanted for anything California state fugitives wanted for murdering a police officer in Bay City $10,000 reward call Bobby six killer you hunt bounties and you're wanted for murder you've got a really good sense of humor so you know who he is oh yes six killer enterprises let me speak to Bobby please he's calling Indian pathways it's regarding his subscription just a minute Bobby Robert six killer hang on Bob say something sir II know I'm kind of jammed up here Bobby jammed up is a nice way of saying he's handcuffed to a motel bed I'll sell him back to you for 12 grand or market price you'll what choices this is not a negotiation I figure he must be worth more than the bounty to you or you would have turned him in yourself at the sansan motel in San Cielo don't be late or you'll have to go visit him in the pokey I have to go to the bathroom I were chained to the bed I try real hard not to am i confused here because I thought the plan was to keep a low profile kale I thought you weren't coming in until noon I took an early flight would you do fight World War 3 out on this deck I think I screwed up kale some guy was here yesterday long hair tattoos he had me in cuffs I got away but it was like he was trying to take me in or something what do you expect post office has more pictures of you than your own mother you're out here throwing drug parties for a bunch of Beach bunnies where's the police van I got it stashed you burned the boxes right tell me you burned him you burned him right it was daylight when we stashed the van I didn't want to risk anyone seeing the fire it's okay it's safe I don't believe this we got to get rid of that stuff now where is the van boat storage down at the marina I rented it with the house I just figured it wouldn't be safe to go down there right now you know you're so lucky you didn't get busted John what is it with you anyway I can't leave you alone for a week without you going brain-dead now pack up the car we're moving everything this place isn't safe hey Cheyenne looking for me I was afraid it was new where is he still handcuffed to the bed I was tempted but I like a little spontaneity here just to smooth and [ __ ] and aren't you Denise beats being jealous by the way he's really cute does Bobby let you take him home after work let's skip the pattern get this done here's the money [Applause] but round keys under the mat at room 15 do yourself a favor and move on down the road if I catch him again the price doubles [Music] dull I got him deals done come on back from nineteen [Music] and me without my camera sure I'm in a real foul mood can you just uncut me please the keys by the phone there this key that's one you want to tell me what happened and start from the beginning I'm out of here get out of my way Bobby Reno I know who she isn't believe me she's long gone my friend she's a bounty hunter just like us her name is Denise Dennison aka dead-end Dennison she's as fast as a lynx and as prickly as a porcupine and I'd rather just cut my losses and move on Nexus paratha okay wait a minute now just hold on a second she hit me over the head with a pipe that was wrapped in tape at least she wrapped it that's funny huh let me see I spent $12,000 getting your butt back 20 percent above market price so I guess I bought a little time to offer sage counsel wouldn't you say counsel all you want but I'm going after listen to me I can help you but you need to explain to me what happened in there I mean I've had scrapes was there in the past let's just say I've got a certain sense for dead end Denison I had John sharp in cuffs that she clubbed me from behind and dragged me to the motel room she ran me with her computer and made me through the Harley parts record and she sold me like a bag of cat food wait a minute you had John sharp yes well if you had John sharp she must have known that was worth $10,000 question why did she nail you and not take sharp I don't know she's a squirrel okay you tell me what was she doing you first met her busting drinks in a beach bar wearing a halter top and cut-offs she convinced me she was Miss Redondo Beach drag strip well she obviously wasn't there to sell drinks which means she was probably set up waiting to catch someone she wasn't after doing Sharpe who was she after a bigger score maybe somebody she wants more than Sharpe she waits grabs the big guy first it comes back and get the little bounties later Oh minutes you hold it okay I'm playing catch-up here damn what I forgot I have to go to the bathroom almost you yep we didn't stick around [Music] I need some backup I'll call you all right last time you took her on you ended up and kept to a bed I didn't take her on okay I was blindsided just happen again you know he behaves like this I know it's not thinking right damn God did in just like your name tell you Realty well I'm the only one dressed for the scam you got the cards we always come prepared so you know know sylvie Laverne Mathers with the First Federal Bank sorry about the card we just changed her number I need to speak to someone about the John sharp account I believe he rented a house at 26 94 C Drive Sylvia Mathers hi Ben deal how do you do please sit down thank you you know she's been operating all over the state for about the last five years surprised you've never heard of her you called her dead end Dennison why well the only guy to beat her was a guy named Cale SAP you armed robber smart mean in fact he's still at large he's got a $20,000 bounty on the top of his head the last time I checked anyway she was able to bring him in on a skip trace back in the mid-1980s but somehow he shook loose and are you ready for this he stripped her down to her bra and panties handcuffed her to a dead end street sign left in there you're kidding me not you P I got a photo of it ran it ever since then she hasn't been able to live down the name well digger sharps the armed robber I wonder if maybe kales a bigger score so she's hanging around in order to pay him back for chaining her up to that dead-end son I don't know I haven't seen or heard anything about him in years I think he might be operating out of the state good morning fidelity federal could I speak to your loan accounts manager please that would be Horace McNeil yeah accounting department horse McNeil to help you yes this is Ben Beal with Hubbell Realty I've got a woman here as Sylvia Mathers with your loan accounts Department yes on the Sharpe bank overdraft what's the problem oh no problem I just wanted to confirm her credentials before releasing any sensitive information well she's with us that account is seriously overdrawn and we're trying to get a rundown on it so anything you do to help us would be greatly appreciated our pleasure thanks mr.

McNeil thank you okay what is it you want to know we already know that he paid you by cheque for the first and last month on the lease what we need to know is did he list any references on the rental agreement or if he noted a referral we can get in touch with well let's see may I take a look at that sure thank you it says he rented a boat storage at the marina yeah for his water-ski boat I see that's sort of strange now that I think of it really why well just this morning I had another inquiry on that boat storage a woman called from sea go boat sails she said that mr. Sharpe had purchased a boat from them and signed the registration slip in the wrong place she had no way to contact him and wondered if he rented a storage from us the address yeah she said she's gonna slip a note on to the door right thank you very much mr. Beale we been you've been more than helpful [Music] [Music] hello oh you can try something but it's gonna get kind of messy you with the automatic put in the van you other to put him on the deck [Music] John time up helper in the boxes you take care of history huh hey you're making a big mistake you know I mean we're just looking for my brother's boat you can commit 3 murders right here just because we wanted and the wrong boat yard good try except for Tarzan over there he and I have some recent history Bobby this guy is so slow you could catch and run him backwards is that so try this nice you're welcome Bobby you can thank me later you got a sale on those things someplace I'm willing to in tie you Bobby because I need the backup but I don't want anybody to get limber technically if I turn rains loose you owe me an additional 24 grand wasn't that the deal you know honey you're beginning to wear real well throw Reno back cuz he's just too damn easy to catch but I want your help to collect que el sabio he's the big slab of venison with the blue eyes and the Uzi excuse me but if you want to square it with kale shouldn't you strip down to your bra and panties over here remember who the heck you are buddy do we have a deal why don't you get us out of these ropes kill could be getting away kales not going anywhere until Opie down there comes back alright here's the deal we split the bounty 5050 you got it I clock digger 50-50 on both you need to back up Denise okay but this really sucks hey easy money there's always next time well looks like you call this one wrong Denis he split get over here sit down it's time to do a little talking now what was in those boxes he was about to burn don't know how about a little fungal practice what was in the box okay okay those two boxes are full of all the physical evidence in the case against Cal's brother Lonnie he's in jail for armed robbery that was the police evidence van yeah me and Marlon boosted it he's the same van every day takes all the heaviness to the court for the trials without that the state doesn't have a case against Kayla's brother okay we sit on him till morning then we go to court and see if Kail shows up [Music] couldn't sleep I mean either Bobby and Cheyenne are sleeping like babies Indian brave sleep before battle paleface get drunk vomit and bushes nice talking to you come on easy money don't take it so hard maybe you just got unlucky maybe for what it's worth you've got pretty good moves being a woman I have a good camouflage I just snuck up behind you so tell me dead end what is it between you and kale because he cut through that sign and gotten the paper truth be told I thought that picture was pretty damn funny no I just come from people who don't take well to losing neither do i but I was sure fooled I bought Avalon Jennings right down to the double-digit IQ they were pretty convincing but you wouldn't buy into dead-end Denison because you don't think you can trust her I didn't say that it's in your eyes [Music] somewhere along the line you need to invest in people somewhere you need to become vulnerable maybe I should take a chance and believe you will you take another chance on me [Music] why'd you do that I don't know I guess I just wondered what it [Music] can I Reno [Music] Bobby why don't you and Shai turn John over and I'll see if I can find out which court the Savio trails in you're gonna trust me enough to put the bounty in my pocket huh she seemed like she's a little more human to you yeah well maybe all it took was a little teamwork huh yeah Irina let's move it go small ugly version of kale da looks desperate kind of hard to try a case without any evidence yeah it's probably gonna walk I'm gonna go to the ladies room keep an eye on her Your Honor the state is gonna have to ask for a dismissal due to lack of evidence miss Crawford I'd like to see you in my chambers immediately we know Raines he's wanted for murder and he's standing right there in the courthouse corridor no I'm not kidding right outside room six I used to date him and claiming the reward come on hurry I was you easy money I get moving why cuz woman in the ladies room she's on the phone she spotted you she's phoning it in a woman spotted me come on I'm not that easily recognizable you're just trying to run me off so you can collect the whole bounty on kale I dimed you out sweetheart is this the same Denise who said only last night what was it she was gonna start to invest in her emotions I did invested a dime and greed was the emotion nice try I love the window in the bathroom there's a fire escape there go I paid you back for this it going that's him come on [Music] check the bathroom [Music] [Music] I know it's my own fault I keep thinking she's so much she's not she weren't a beautiful woman this wouldn't be happening trouble is we'll never find her again he's right the way she works she'll never leave a trail well you two morons were standing on one foot grinning and tipping your hat I was looking right through the salty little babe say please and I'll lead you right to her please service not a track I put the transmitter under her rear bumper assist I love you mm-wha now we can follow that little liar wherever she goes ha [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] turn right Bobby she said towards South Bay [Music] and we're getting closer keep going straight picture right [Music] [Music] are you doing Denise I see you found your clothes listen we're gonna give my brother money I'm not a chauffeur actually you're right what you are corpse anybody not drive [Music] [Music] though there are Bobby good companies we're heading into the wash [Music] get out of the car I'm gonna be a diversion okay we don't have a lot of time so quick get some help hey you hear any sirens you get small partner you know I'm really sorry about this Denise it's just that you're too tenacious you never quit trying to catch me it's too bad we didn't meet under different circumstances come on Kayla do it [Music] put your hands in the air cute more [Music] you know get up put your hands behind your head I want to see them all the time excuse me officer I was one who called shut your mouth call him and tell them we're bringing the whole mess in we'll sort him out downtown I know this guy is Raines Reno he's a cop [Music] the comp lieutenant Dixon from base city it's gonna be here in an hour you know it's at the end of the road here we are two three eight seven six nine C F changed to D D drunk and disorderly see just a minute I have to talk to lieutenant something get reigns ready for the extradite now we're gonna finally get this piece of Mama this reigns I got the expedite officers outside no sir this is Hernandez he's in for drunk and disorderly he's been bailed out see me I'm not most stuff with us enough tell the lieutenant to get reigns ready to go hey look what's the delay guys we gotta get out of here where's our prisoner and look lieutenant no you look come on get him out here will you get Raines out here let's go I want to get moving this is Hernandez [Music] right this way or is it no I don't know he was in here you mean you Austin [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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